An integral part of any pet’s complete health care regimen is having them spayed or neutered. These are routine cat and dog surgeries, and they prevent unwanted pregnancies and undesirable behaviors like spotting and spraying. However, your pet may require a more complex veterinary surgery depending on their circumstances, and we at Ohio Pet Vet are fully equipped to address their problem. Our surgical suites are fitted with the latest in veterinary technology, including advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment, surgical lasers, and therapeutic lasers.

Surgical Services We Provide

We offer a full array of cat and dog surgeries for your four-legged friend, ranging from soft tissue to orthopedic. These include:

  • Spaying & neutering
  • Lump removal
  • Bladder stone removal
  • Bone plating
  • Amputation
  • ACL repair
  • Elbow surgery
  • Liver shunts

Safety First

Regardless of the procedure, your pet may require, our first priority is their comfort and safety throughout the pet surgery process. Pre-anesthetic testing may be necessary to ensure that your canine or feline companion is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. Our state-of-the-art surgical laser reduces pain and bleeding, and our therapy laser can be utilized after surgery to decrease inflammation and speed up healing. Following their procedure, your pet will be closely monitored as they recover.

We’re Here for You and Your Pet in Strongsville, OH

Preparing your pet for cat or dog surgery can be stressful, but we’ll be with you every step of the way to answer questions and put you at ease. From the initial appointment to recovery, our highly qualified staff will stay in touch with you and give your loved one the exceptional care they deserve. Call us any time to Make An Appointment, or if you have questions or concerns about our pet surgery protocol. An informed owner is a happy owner, and a happy owner means a happy pet. You can reach us at (440)238-7797.

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